India's population will be 152 crores by 2036, and UP & Bihar Together will be the 3rd largest in the World - Insiderfolks

India’s population will be 152 crores by 2036, and UP & Bihar Together will be the 3rd largest in the World – Insiderfolks, During the next 16 years, India will see population growth of 10%, a scientific demographic prediction committee set up by the Ministry of Health has been estimated.

India’s population will be 152 crores by 2036, and UP & Bihar Together will be the 3rd largest in the World – Insiderfolks

According to the findings based on the 2011 census, India will have a population of 152 crores by 2036.

It is estimated that the population of India will grow by 1% every year in the 25 years since 2011.

Subsequently, the population density will increase from 368 to 463 persons per square kilometer.

As far as the states concerned, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, which have the highest overall fertility rate in the country, will see the highest population growth.

Between 2011 and 2036, as much as 54% of the population growth in India will take place in the five states of UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

UP and Bihar predict the highest growth rate
Among these UPs, the population will grow by 30%, while Bihar will grow by 42%.

The two states together would have a population of 25.8 crores in 2036, which, if it were a republic, would have been the third-highest in the world.

At the other hand, the five southern states of Kerala, Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu would account for just 9% of production. Together, they would see a population growth of 29 million, which is just half the rise that UP alone would see in northern India.

Last month, scientists estimated that India’s population will grow to around 1.6 billion in 2048 and fall by 32% to about 1.09 billion in 2100, when it is already projected to be the most populated nation in the world.

Dramatic decline in working age-population

The analysis, published in The Lancet, used data from the 2017 Global Burden of Disease Study and applied novel models for the projecting of future global , regional and national populations in 183 countries , including India, the US, China and Japan, as well as their mortality, fertility and migration rates.

According to analysts, including those from the University of Washington in the US, there could be drastic reductions in working-age demographics in countries such as India and China, which they claim could impede economic development and contribute to changes in global forces.

They said the world could be multipolar at the end of this century, with India, Nigeria, China, and the US dominating powers.

“It is truly going to be a different planet, one that we will be planning for now,” the scientists said.

According to the study, the number of working-age adults in India is projected to fall from 762 million in 2017 to around 578 million in 2100 compared to China, where the number of workers is estimated to fall from 950 million in 2017 to 357 million in 2100.

It has been claimed that India could be one of the few, if not significant, forces in Asia to preserve its working-age population for a century.

“This is projected to exceed China’s labor force population in the mid-2020s, rising GDP rankings from 7th to 3rd,” the scientists said.

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