COVID-19 Discovered Frozen Seafood In China Seafood comes from the Chinese Port City of Dalian - Insiderfolks

COVID-19 Discovered Frozen Seafood In China Seafood comes from the Chinese Port City of Dalian – Insiderfolks, Authorities in the eastern Chinese port city of Yantai reported that a fresh coronavirus was found on the packaging of manufactured frozen seafood.

COVID-19 Discovered Frozen Seafood In China Seafood comes from the Chinese Port City of Dalian - Insiderfolks
COVID-19 Discovered Frozen Seafood In China Seafood comes from the Chinese Port City of Dalian – Insiderfolks

Confirmation on Tuesday comes as governments across the world step up control of frozen food production in reaction to agricultural incidents in the capital city of Beijing and the north-eastern region of Dalian, Liaoning province.

The most recent pollution was found in the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Area in Shandong Province on Sunday during blanket checks on frozen food and manufacturing personnel, Dazhong Daily confirmed.

Test findings were reconfirmed by the City Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday, the study said, citing Yantai’s Covid-19 steering committee.

None of the people who had direct interaction with the batch tested positive but were put under quarantine, said the study.

Yantai officials said that the infected seafood had come in a batch from a foreign vessel that had entered the country from the port of Dalian.

Authorities did not explain what form of seafood was involved or where it originated, only stating that the “limited amount” of seafood had been reprocessed and sold, whilst the rest was currently in cold storage and had not reached the domestic sector.

Dalian health authorities stated earlier this month that the outbreak of Covid-19 in the city in July was based on a cluster connected to a chilled seafood processing service, with a strong degree of consistency in the coronavirus strain contained in patients.

Sixty employees and supervisors, accounting for around two-thirds of the personnel of the production firm, were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, which was then spread to those beyond Liaoning.

Wu Zunyou, Chief Epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said late last month on state television that the outbreaks in Dalian, Beijing, and also the original disease epicenter in Wuhan “share some parallels” and were both linked to the manufacturing or selling of seafood.

He said that researchers replicated the dissemination of the virus using fluorescent powder in Beijing’s Xinfadi town, where the capital exploded in June, and found that once the air became polluted, people could be infected with aerosols and then infect others via human-to – human transmission.

“These markets have common conditions that are humid and have fairly low temperatures that are ideal for the virus to thrive,” Wu said to state television.

The CDC also released a guidance on 30 July to improve the surveillance of Covid-19 in national wholesale wet markets, emphasizing the need to track chilled and frozen meat and seafood stalls, as well as closed and moist markets.

The guideline listed a broad variety of testing sites and facilities, including instruments, drainage systems, freezers and food. Staff in such industries will also get swab samples and their clothes and hands checked.

Yet the US CDC reports that the possibility of having Covid-19 out of food packages “is considered to be very small,” according to its website.

Professor Jin Dong-yan, a molecular virologist at the University of Hong Kong, said the public would remain alert even though no Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong and mainland China have yet been triggered by food or product packaging. He recommended that people prepare meals properly and stop consuming high-risk items such as sushi.

He noted that the risk of becoming contaminated with the virus on packages should be small if the frozen product had been transported for a long distance.

“After long-distance shipment, the virus’ development is only going down and not going up,” Jin said. “Shrimp and fish can not sustain the development of the virus . The virus can not evolve, replicate or propagate in such products or containers, it will only sit there and die out.”

Yet, according to Jin, the virus may still be identified because of the high sensitivity of nucleic acid detection methods.

China discovered signs of the novel coronavirus on the wrapping and inner wall of a shipment of frozen shrimp shipped from Ecuador at the beginning of July, but shrimps were not infected with the virus.

Andrea Britton, convenor of the Public Health Association of Australia’s One Health Special Interest Group, said that while coronaviruses could stay stable at low and subzero temperatures for a period of time, the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus was vulnerable to traditional cleaning and disinfection methods.

Residents can clean away bags of frozen food and routinely use food areas with an effective disinfectant and wash their hands properly, she added.

The Yantai Government ordered all foreign food processing companies to strictly enforce prevention and control steps against Covid-19.

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