The Famous lions of the New York Public Library wear face masks to inspire people to do the same thing - Insiderfolks

The Famous lions of the New York Public Library wear face masks to inspire people to do the same thing – Insiderfolks, The New York City organization posted pictures of the two lion statues, Courage and Fortitude, in an attempt to spread the message.

The Famous lions of the New York Public Library wear face masks to inspire people to do the same thing - Insiderfolks

The New York Public Library (NYPL) is planning to reopen selected physical locations on July 13 after coronavirus lockdown.

Although the lockdown was put to an end in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there is still a risk and face masks are considered to be a crucial barrier to stopping the further spread of the virus.

The NYPL and its two emblematic lions also understand the importance of face masks in these critical times. The two lions’ statues outside the Bryant Park NYPL are now wearing masks to set an example for others, including President Donald Trump. The unique masks are made for the giant lions’ marble faces.

Although face masks have been considered a crucial barrier against the spread of the deadly virus, Trump has repeatedly refused to wear one. In April, he said the president, wearing a mask, wouldn’t look right.

And more recently, the US leader has said that people wearing masks are signaling disapproval of him. “The mask is a double-edged sword,” Trump said to the Wall Street Journal.

Yet a lot of Republicans are now in favour of wearing a face mask. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has recently spoke about the benefits of masks and welcomed them as part of the “new middle ground” between a return to everyday life and tight constraints on Covid-19. “We need new practices, new patterns, and new approaches for this new middle ground.

It is the duty of every family, every small business, every employer and every level of government to apply common sense and make this happen, “McConnell said. He added:” We must have no stigma, no stigma, no masks when we leave our homes and get closer to others. Wearing simple face coverings is not about protecting us. It’s about protecting everyone we ‘re meeting.

“As NYPL prepares to gradually reopen selected physical locations on July 13, our beloved lions # PatienceAndFortitude set an example to remind New Yorkers to stay safe. Masks will be mandatory to pick up or drop off materials when locations are reopened. Learn more about the services that will be offered during re-opening, locations.

According to the NYPL, the two lion marble statues have been protecting the Stephen A. Schwarzman House on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street for 109 years. They got their masks that were three feet long and two feet high on the morning of June 29.

In a press release, NYPL President Anthony W. Marx said: “Patience and Strength are the perfect symbols for the strengths that our City and our nation now need even more. Like them, New Yorkers are strong and resilient and can weather any kind of storm. We ‘re trying to get on the other side of this public health issue.

“But to do so, we must remain vigilant, we must be patient and strong, and we must follow what the experts are telling us, especially as we continue to reopen our cities. The lions, protectors of knowledge and truth, who have seen 109 years worth of history, set this example, “Marx added.

It wasn’t the first time, however, that Patience and Fortitude wore something. Every December, they wear wreaths, during the 2000 Subway Series, they even wear the Mets and Yankees caps, and to celebrate the 1995 Centennial Library system, the two statues wore top hats.

“The masks — like anything placed on the historic lions — were made of non-eradicated material to ensure that the marble could not be damaged,” the press release said.

The NYPL has announced that, when it starts to re-open in the second week of July, “it will begin by providing a pick-and-go service at eight library locations.” Users will also have restricted access to the return area and will be able to pick up the items they have reserved.

“Patrons can begin placing hold on physical materials through our online catalog starting on Monday, July 6th in advance of the re-opening or by phone starting on July 13th,” the website added.

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