Within five years of time, AI should be smarter than people, Musk claims - Insiderfolks
He also defined AI as a ‘reality threat’ for mankind.

Within five years of time, AI should be smarter than people, Musk claims – Insiderfolks, San Francisco: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX says that Artificial Intelligence is ‘far intelligent’ than any human being and could rule humanity over by 2025.

Within five years of time, AI should be smarter than people, Musk claims - Insiderfolks

“We are headed toward a scenario in which AI is far smarter than humans. I assume the time is now less than five years. Yet it doesn’t mean that in five years, everything will go crazy. It only means it gets chaotic or strange, “Musk told the New York Times over the weekend in an interview.

It is not the first time Musk has shown fear about AI. In 2016, Musk said people fear AI ‘s treatment of household animal feeders until the infrastructure that binds the brains to computers is created.

They often pointed to AI as a “existential threat” to mankind.

“I think artificial intelligence would give us caution. It is definitely this, if I had to speculate what our biggest global challenge was, “he added.

Nevertheless, in 2015, Musk helped create an OpenAI artificial intelligence development laboratory designed to build general artificial intelligence (AGI) which can learn and master several disciplines.

Recently, OpenAI has launched a software to use a next generation method which OpenAI once considered too dangerous.

It will save people the chance to compose lengthy messages. If an application focused on the software has been created, all it wants to offer is swift.

OpenAI has previously refused to disclose anything about the program that worries weak players might exploit to create false posts, impersonate others, or automate phishing material.

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