Delhi Get Four New City Forests To Combat Air Pollution Problems, Boost Green Cover - Insiderfolks

Delhi Get Four New City Forests To Combat Air Pollution Problems, Boost Green Cover – Insiderfolks, Delhi is all ready to establish new forest areas throughout the city in an attempt to increase its green coverage.

The Forest Department is expected to add four more forests to existing forests in and around Delhi, some of which might also be ready by the end of this year.

Delhi Get Four New City Forests To Combat Air Pollution Problems, Boost Green Cover - Insiderfolks
The Taj Enclave city forest near Geeta colony in East Delhi.
(Rajesh Mehta/BCCL, Delhi)

The latest plantation would contribute to the current green cover of 12 trees, which play a key role in alleviating air pollution from the landlocked capital.

According to the Times of India article, four new forest areas are being established in Aya Nagar, Jaunapur, Dera Mandi and Mamurpur, Narela.

Many of these woods are home to butterfly colonies, cacti trees, water sources and medicinal fields.

The current city forest covers would primarily contain tropical trees along with shrubs and smaller plants.

In addition to walking trails, gazebos and bridges to span water channels, the Forest Growth Plan has also included places for outdoor practices such as yoga.

“Monsoon is the perfect time to plant shrubs and fruit trees. Progress on the four forests is still ongoing and a handful of them might be ready by the end of the year.

These new forests would be replicas of previous popular models found in Taj Enclave near Geeta Colony or Garhi Mandu near Shahdara.

Other forests recently created include Nasirpur (28 hectares), Alipur (19.5 hectares), Mitraon (35.15 hectares), Taj Enclave (56 hectares) and Hauz Rani (28 hectares).

Compared to the last few years, the green cover of the city is steadily growing. In 2015, it accounted for 20.2 per cent (299.8 km2) and rose marginally to 20.6 per cent in 2017, occupying almost 308.4 km2 of ground. Last year, about 21,9 per cent (324 sq km) is estimated in 2019.

The Forest Department has announced that it has set an internal goal of achieving 25% green cover by 2025, which would be powered by the growth of city-based forests. According to news, the Delhi Government has also set out a proposal to plant around 2 crore saplings in the next five years.

August 2020 has been the ‘purest’ month since 2015.

Delhi ‘s low air quality remains a big concern for its citizens during the year. However, the lockdowns enforced by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19, together with the monsoon rains that frequently visited Delhi late in the year, have collectively resulted in August 2020 being reported as the cleanest month in terms of air quality in the last five years.

As stated earlier this month, Delhi has registered three ‘healthy’ days of air quality—air quality is graded as ‘reasonable’ when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is at or at 50. In contrast, the capital city had only reported two ‘healthy’ air days last year, and none at all in 2018.

However, apart from the above-mentioned meteorological and circumstantial considerations, the forthcoming City Forest Planting Project would also lead to the reduction of air pollution in the region, supplying the city with healthier, fresher air on a more regular basis.

As of Wednesday, August 26, Delhi reported ‘healthy’ air quality with an overall AQI of 42, as per the Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Monitoring System (SAFAR) model.

The weather will continue to be cleaner in the coming days, as heavy rainfall is expected for Delhi-NCR during August 26-29. Moreover, tomorrow’s forecast also attaches the possibility of ‘strong’ weather over Delhi, which is estimated to be about 34.

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