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Bill Gates has stated that he would marry his ex-wife, Melinda Gates. “All Over Again”



Bill Gates has stated that he would marry his ex-wife, Melinda Gates. "All Over Again"

Almost a year after Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce was finalised, the Microsoft co-founder stated that he “wouldn’t choose to marry someone else.”

Bill and Melinda Gates in 2017, outside Seattle, WA. Credit: Gates Archives Contact: Courtney Wade, Executive Office of Melinda Gates Mobile:†(+1) 805-427-2513 email: † HIGH RES

Bill Gates’ divorce from Melinda Gates hasn’t affected his thoughts on marriage.

Bill, 66, reflected on his marriage and divorce from the billionaire philanthropist in an interview with The Sunday Times published on May 1.

“Every marriage will go through a change once the kids leave the house,” he told the newspaper. “My family, tragically, went through the transition known as divorce. But, in my opinion, it was a wonderful marriage. I wouldn’t have altered anything. I wouldn’t choose to marry someone else, you know.”

Bill also stated that he would “marry Melinda all over again,” despite the fact that he has no imminent plans to go down the aisle with anyone.

After 27 years of marriage, Melinda, 57, and Bill divorced in August 2021. Though both parties have kept the circumstances of their divorce relatively secret, Melinda disclosed earlier this year that adultery and Bill’s contacts with late businessman and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein played a role in their divorce.

Melinda told CBS Mornings that she and her ex-husband “worked through some” of his adultery charges, but “there came a moment in time when I recognized it just wasn’t healthy, and I couldn’t trust what we had.”

The co-chairs of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have stayed amiable while they continue their humanitarian work.

“We have a, you know, highly significant, complex, tight connection where we’ve decided to work together,” the internet titan told The Sunday Times. “And I’m overjoyed that we’ll be able to collaborate.”

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