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Live-Action ‘BIOSHOCK’ Movie in Development at Netflix – insiderfolks



Live-Action 'BIOSHOCK' Movie in Development at Netflix - insiderfolks

The streaming giant and game developer Take-Two Interactive have been working on a screen rights agreement for over a year.

Live-Action ‘BIOSHOCK’ Movie in Development at Netflix – insiderfolks, BioShock, the video game franchise, is receiving another cinematic adaptation, this time from Netflix.

Live-Action ‘BIOSHOCK’ Movie in Development at Netflix – insiderfolks

The streaming giant has teamed up with Take-Two Interactive, the game’s parent company, to create a possible cinematic world. Producers will be Vertigo Entertainment and Take-Two Interactive.

At the moment, no writer or filmmaker has joined the project. The collaboration agreement has been in the works for about a year.

The first-person shooter game, released in 2007 by 2K Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two, was set in Rapture, a crumbling underwater city whose society was fragmented by civil war, with many inhabitants addicted to a genetic enhancement serum that gave them super-human powers while also living in fear of Big Daddies, mutated humans who had been grafted into diving suits. The game’s protagonist, Jack, is thrust into this universe as a survivor of a mysterious plane accident in the Atlantic Ocean.

Since its original release, the game has sold millions of copies, and it has been followed by two sequels, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite, which enlarged the dystopian world by combining action, sci-fi, and horror. The title is still on lists of the finest video games ever made.

Almost immediately, Hollywood came knocking, with a film project set up at Universal and Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski signed to oversee. However, two obstacles surfaced shortly after that would accompany the project for the following decade: a budget and an R-rating. Verbinski and following filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo clashed with the company, even getting months away from filming one version before the game’s creators called it quits.

Video game adaptations have done exceptionally well for Netflix, arguably none more so than The Witcher. It’s a fantasy series starring Henry Cavill that’s one of the top-rated titles on the streaming site, with a spinoff and an anime film in the works.

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