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The world’s longest suspension footbridge opens in the Czech Republic.



The world's longest suspension footbridge opens in the Czech Republic.

Sky Bridge 721 meters, the world’s longest suspension pedestrian bridge, has officially opened in the Czech Republic.

The world’s longest suspension footbridge opens in the Czech Republic.

Walking from one peak to another, poised high above the ground with just a large valley below, is not for the faint of heart.

However, thrill seekers and infrastructure enthusiasts will rush to the Doln Morava holiday area in the Czech Republic’s northeast to scale the new world’s longest suspension footbridge.

The 721-meter-long-span (2,365-foot) Sky Bridge 721, which had been under construction for the previous two years, formally opened on May 13. The walkway offers breathtaking views of the cloud-shrouded Jesenky mountains, as well as an exciting, if slightly scary, overall experience.

The world’s longest suspension footbridge opens in the Czech Republic.

Austrian blogger Victoria Fellner attended Sky Bridge 721’s preview event earlier this week and shared images on her Instagram account.

Fellner described her first foot on the bridge as giving her a “queasy sensation.”

However, when she gazed out the window, her immediate panic faded.

“I was expecting the suspension bridge to shake a lot, but it wasn’t that awful,” Fellner remarked. “The view is spectacular, and you can see the forest below through the trellis! Fortunately, I’m not terrified of heights.”

Sky Bridge 721 is suspended by cables 95 meters above the valley floor and spans 1,110 to 1,116 meters above sea level. The bridge is accessible by cable car, and walking across it is a one-way trip. Visitors can exit the walkway on the opposite side and continue along a paved woodland trail adorned with plaques outlining Czech history. A virtual reality phone game is also available.

The 1.2-meter-wide Sky Bridge is appropriate for children of all ages and heights, but unsuitable for those using pushchairs or wheelchairs.

Sky Bridge 721 tickets must now be purchased in advance on the Doln Morava website, with rates beginning at 350 Czech Koruna (about $14.60) for adults.

Doln Morava, located on the Czech-Polish border, is a vacation destination with ski slopes, an alpine roller coaster that claims to be the second longest in Europe, a mountaintop restaurant, and an attraction called the Sky Walk — a curved structure with a wooden walkway and slide located 1,116 metres above sea level.

The Czech Republic Sky Bridge is 154 metres longer than the current Guinness World Record holder suspension footbridge, the Baglung Parbat Footbridge in Nepal’s Gandaki Province.

Sky Bridge 721 is around 2.5 hours’ drive from the Czech capital city of Prague.

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