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The world’s oldest person is a French nun who enjoys chocolate and wine, at age of 118 Years



According to the Guinness World Records, a 118-year-old nun residing in a nursing facility in southern France has become the world’s oldest living person.

Sister André, the world’s oldest person, is also the world’s oldest Covid-19 survivor.

Sister André is both the world’s oldest living nun and the oldest nun ever, according to a statement issued by the record-breaking body on Monday.

Sister André, who was born Lucile Randon on February 11, 1904, has dedicated most of her life to religious devotion, according to the statement. Before becoming a Catholic nun, she cared for children during WWII and subsequently spent 28 years at a hospital caring for orphans and the elderly.

Sister André, who lives in Toulon, France, is also the world’s oldest Covid-19 survivor. According to the Guinness World Records announcement, she tested positive for the virus in early 2021 but recovered completely within three weeks, just in time for her 117th birthday.

Sister André looked to be conflicted about being the world’s oldest living person in an interview with the French television station RMC Story on Tuesday.

“I believe I would be better off in paradise, but the good Lord does not yet want me,” she remarked, calling the title a “sad honor.”

She did, however, express her delight at being “spoiled” by her family.

Sister André adores chocolate and wine, and consumes a glass every day, her nursing home, Résidence Catherine Labouré, revealed to on Tuesday.

According to a tweet from the nursing facility, when the old nun turned 118 earlier this year, she got a handwritten birthday note from French President Emmanuel Macron – the 18th French president of her lifetime. Since her birth, the Catholic Church has been led by ten different Popes.

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