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This Turkish man turns barren land into a forest and poses for a before and after photo.



Hikmet Kaya has shown that good intentions and hard effort can pay off handsomely. The retired Turkish forest management head posed triumphantly in front of the desolate terrain that he and his staff restored into a beautiful forest.

This Turkish man turns barren land into a forest and poses for a before and after photo.

He is well-known for his efforts in afforestation and is a former forest management chief of the Forestry Operations Department in northern Turkey. He began his career in the village of Sinop in 1978, and while he retired 19 years later, his legacy has grown—literally.

Over 30 million seedlings have been planted. During his term as a forest management chief, he and his staff planted approximately 30 million seedlings with the support of locals. Long after he retired, these trees continued to thrive, and now, this desolate stepping ground has undergone an astounding change.

Hikmat never stopped working during his 25 years of duty to complete this task, according to Anadolu Agency (AA), Turkey’s state-run news agency. And, 41 years after starting this major afforestation operation, he returned to the now-lush field with a photograph of the once-barren surroundings, illustrating the vast contrast in the scenery. Needless to say, he’s pleased with the outcomes.

Despite a 5.4% decline in tree cover since 2000, Kaya is overjoyed to have transformed these regions into woods via his hard work. While thanking the people for their assistance, Kaya stated that throughout his stint as forest management head, he committed himself to plant saplings, and the transformation of the region has been his main source of profit, according to AA.

It’s a fantastic model for the rest of Turkey to follow. According to Global Forest Watch, Turkey’s forest cover has decreased by 5.4% since 2000. Because deforestation was the primary source of most of this decline, contributing to its reversal is crucial.

In India, a tribesman from Assam named Jadav Payeng made headlines last year as a forestry hero who single-handedly created a forest spanning 1360 acres in the state’s Jorhat region.

During a chat with last year, Payeng was notified of his important achievement. The guy is also widely recognized for building the world’s largest man-made forest on Majuli Island in Assam.

Surprisingly, his endeavor remained unknown even to the Assam Forest Department until 2008. The forest’s presence was only discovered when residents reported that elephants from the forest had damaged their homes and crops.

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